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About Renewable Energy
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Mesquite Fuels & Agriculture

Mesquite Fuels and Agriculture is a renewable energy company committed to the development, construction, and operation of co-generation facilities. Our program uses renewable biomass to generate energy used in the sale of electricity and steam within the U.S.

Our Plants:
  • Located within close proximity to the fuel source
  • Use technology that is environmentally friendly—proven to have lower emissions
  • Use technology that is considered state of the art in terms of efficient use of the fuel
Timber Removal Program

Mesquite Fuels and Agriculture is working with landowners, ranchers and farmers to assist them in the extraction of unwanted trees.

Our Program:
  • Removal of Mesquite and Cedar (Juniper) trees
  • All timber removal projects will have an assigned land management team consisting of a wild life specialist and land resource manager

Replanting Program
At the owners request our Agricultural Management Team will work with the land owners to incorporated a replanting program.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy can be replenished at the same rate it is used. 

The mass production of electricity, using renewable resources has become more commonplace in recent years reflecting:
  • Climate change due to pollution
  • Exhaustion of fossil fuels
  • Environmental, social and political risk taken with the extended use of fossil fuels and nuclear power 
  • Countries and organizations promoting renewable energies through taxes and subsidy
Mesquite Fuels and Agriculture uses innovative, patented technology in our power and thermal plants. This aids in the reduction of air emissions and ash.  All resources for bio-mass are obtained and stored locally. This promotes improvements to the local economy, farmers, ranchers and landowners.