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Mesquite Fuels & Agriculture is dedicated to providing energy sources that are environmentally friendly. We achieve this mission through the harvesting of unwanted bio-mass (such as Mesquite and Cedar), using byproducts from non-edible agricultural and our re-planting program of crops grown entirely for energy production.

Mesquite Fuels & Agriculture is committed to developing long-term relationships that benefit all parties involved.

Farmer, Rancher and recreational leases: The removal of unwanted trees will improve the value of the land.

Rural Economic Development:  Creation of Jobs and infrastructures.

Environmental Benefit:  Restoration of unusable land and generation of a clean renewable energy.

Electric Utility Users:  Provide a reliable Green Energy source that is available during peak usage times.

Industrial Power Users:  Opportunity for lower cost provider of steam and electricity.

Employees and Shareholders:  Mesquite Fuels and Agriculture is committed to providing a safe and prosperous work environment for our employees.  To our shareholders we provide an economically self-sustaining business model that consistently creates value.